Next-Gen Project

The NEXT GENERATION (NEXT-GEN) project, which started with the vision of training the future local energy efficiency leaders, cooperates with Özyeğin University – Energy, Environment, and Economy Center (CEEE), Ministry of National Education and local governments.

The works carried out in the project supported by the Transformers Fund of the Islamic Development Bank (ISDB) are as follows:

1. Implementation of the “NEW GENERATION / Energy Efficiency Module” developed by CEEE within the scope of the NEXT-GEN project in 10 pilot schools to be selected jointly with MEB (Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education).

For this purpose, selected 10 pilot vocational and technical high schools‘ relevant instructors from Southeastern Anatolia were trained using “NEW GENERATION / Energy Efficiency Module” materials by CEEE. The ChatBot which is operated with AI (Artificial Intelligence) are be accessible by teachers, students, and citizens across the country. At the end of the semester, a report prepared by collecting feedbacks from pilot schools’ teachers and students will be shared with the Ministry of National Education.

2. Realizing energy audits in selected 10 pilot schools with EVD (Energy Efficiency Consulting Companies).

A collaboration is established with energy managers who are appointed by Ministry of Education in order to achieve this purpose. Natural gas and electricity bills of 10 pilot vocational and technical high schools are collected for following years: 2016, 2017, and 2018. A long-term monitoring plan has been developed for each pilot school to control the parameters that will be continuously measured and monitored, even after when the project is completed. This enables school administrators to evaluate building conditions and properties in detail. . These long-term metrics are supported by short-term metrics to collect information and provide recommendations to improve the performance of buildings. At the end of the project, installed sensors will be donated to the school management.

3. Preparation of energy efficiency guidelines for pilot provinces’ municipalities.

This project aims to determine the standards and parameters of energy efficiency principles, urban planning legislation and improve construction habits through the help of a guide which is prepared for Adıyaman Municipality, Batman Municipality, Diyarbakır Municipality, Gaziantep Municipality, Kahramanmaraş Municipality, Kilis Municipality, Mardin Municipality, Siirt Municipality, Şanlıurfa Municipality, and Şırnak Municipality. It is anticipated that the developments in the urban plans will be noticed in a short time by other municipalities through networks and sharing of common interests.

4. Preparation of energy efficiency curriculum road map predicate on experiences from Turkey.

 At the end of the NEXT-GEN Project in Turkey, in the light of experiences that obtained throughout the project, the energy efficiency road map for the countries will be created with the decision-makers in Tunisia, Mauritania, and Niger.